Charlie Foundation Media Policy

Since the Charlie Foundation’s inception in 1994, it has been our goal to provide hope and knowledge by telling Charlie’s story and the benefits of ketogenic diet therapies for epilepsy, other neurological disorders, certain endocrine disorders, and certain cancers. We encourage you to share the information on our site to further support our mission! We ask in return that you adhere to our media policies.

  • We request that you use our full title “Charlie Foundation for Ketogenic Therapies”.  A shortened title “Charlie Foundation” may be used for subsequent mentions.
  • For all videos, print articles and web articles, please clearly display our web address. Always include a direct link back to our website if possible.
  • Please notify us and tell us how and where our content will be shared. Request permission to share Charlie’s story, pictures, videos, or our website content. (We have never said no!) Contact:
  • The movie, “First Do No Harm” is copyrighted material and is not owned by the Charlie Foundation. 
  • The Charlie Foundation does not endorse products. Please do not use our content, name or logo for endorsement purposes.

Social Media Policy

We LOVE to connect with you! Please use the appropriate social media handles and “tag” us when mentioning the Charlie Foundation or sharing any of our content.

Instagram: @CharlieFoundation

·      Recipes: #CFKetoRecipes

·      Success Stories: #CFKetoSucess

·      Fundraisers: #SupportTheCharlieFoundation 

Facebook: @TheCharlieFoundation

Twitter: @CharlieFndation

YouTube: The Charlie Foundation



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