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Belle’s Story

Unfortunately, most of our stories have similar beginnings but the important thing is to believe there is hope. I myself turned the diet down at first because it seemed too hard to follow. The Doctor of course supported this decision, even though he had just offered it as an option. He said the diet worked best for children who were severely retarded. A typical child can grab a cookie or cracker and then the diet’s effects are done and you have to start all over. This of course I know now is not necessarily true. However, after reviewing all of the available options (medication, ACTH) etc. I could not justify taking the easy road..this is my child. I can’t keep popping pills into her until they work. I thought if I’m not willing to try the diet and make it work then I really don’t deserve to be her Mother. What I’ve learned from this experience is there is always hope. When we as parents give up Hope..our children have no future. There is an answer we have to keep looking until we find it. Perhaps, the miracle diet isn’t the best solution for everyone but it’s worth trying you gain nothing without being willing to take a chance. I remember sitting in “his” office when he told me the diet wasn’t going to heal my daughter … and I thought Who are you going to believe Gina the bible or this guy? Unfortunately, I also remember thinking I was NUTS for doubting the Doctor … like I was one of those people trusting in alternative medicine against medical advice. I was plainly told … he only hit one home run in 25 yrs and it was not going to work. Somehow I still believed, I trusted and I convinced myself to try it…I stuck with it and now Belle has not had a seizure in almost 2 months. I’m sorry to ramble and I’ll put the words and energy into her story but it’s still sort of surreal to me. They are really gone and I’m not stopping to look back.. Gina Belle’s Mom

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