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Blake’s story

Blake was diagnosed with myoclonic absence epilepsy at age 2.  Throughout the years Blake has been hospitalized several times with countless EEGs, MRIs and even a lumbar puncture when he was six years old.  He had genetic testing that revealed a gain on chromosome 3 (trisomy 5) with no successful treatment until the ketogenic diet.  Before the ketogenic diet, Blake was having 5 to 20 seizures daily.  He had been on Vimpat, Zonegran, Depakote and Keppra at different strengths without any improvement.  He met with a ketogenic dietitian at the Medical University of South Carolina (MUSC) for the first time in September 2013 and was admitted to the hospital to initiate the diet a few weeks later.  At that time he was on Depakote and Onfi but was still having multiple seizures daily.  While the high fat content bothered Blake at first, he triumphed through the admission and was a true champion with the ketogenic diet.  Two weeks after discharging from the hospital, Blake was seizure free.  Blake began excelling in school in regards to focus, comprehension, and even got straight A’s.  He also joined the school chorus as one of his favorite pastimes is singing.  In addition he was successfully weaned off of Depakote and his seizures were well managed with Onfi and the ketogenic diet.   Despite some complaints of hunger and unintentional weight loss that led to calorie adjustments, Blake continued on the ketogenic diet with excellent compliance until July 2014.  At that time, his neuro team attempted to wean him off the diet slowly but unfortunately Blake’s seizures returned.  Blake resumed the ketogenic diet and understands that it is the key to his seizure freedom.  Blake thanks God for being his strength throughout his epilepsy journey.  Blake has a new meaning of life and has learned that food is not the center of everything.  The ketogenic diet has allowed Blake to really love his family and friends.  He can see how important his well-being is to everyone around him and cannot wait until he can be seizure free forever and be able to drive when he is old enough.

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