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Caden’s Story

Our son Caden had his first Grand Mal seizure at 2-months-old. We discovered he has a sodium channel mutation and within a few months he had multiple types of seizures. He had myoclonic, partial, focal, absent, drop, and generalized seizures. His Grand Mal and partial seizures didn’t stop on their own and sometimes lasted more than an hour long even with multiple doses of diastat. Combined he has 30-150 myoclonic, focal, absent, and drop seizures each day. Caden was also diagnosed intractable, meaning medication doesn’t control his seizures. Caden was developing normally despite the multitude of seizures but we knew that it was only a matter of time before we started seeing delays. Caden is now 14-months-old and we just started the keto diet. Amazingly his seizures stopped the 2nd day he was on the diet. It had been months since he had a seizure free day and almost a year since our journey started. Last year we were hospitalized more than 30 times for seizures and tried dozens of medications. This year, with the keto diet, we are hoping to be able to start enjoying life again! The diet is difficult it’s been a life style change for our family but it’s given us HOPE!

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