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Cameron’s Story

Cameron started the keto diet at the age of 8. We were out of options with medications,of which he was on 3 at once, he had the VNS implant and still having upwards of 60 seizures per day. Cameron was sleeping most of the school day either from all the medications or post seizure coma. We met with the Keto dietition, Carrie Loughran, and she counseled us saying if we could just give her 60 days to try out this new lifestyle she felt confidant she could help make a difference in Cameron’s seizures. We were worried about the extra work involved with the diet but we knew we had to try for Cameron’s sake. After starting the diet Cameron was in ketosis very quickly, within 2 to 3 days. He was seizure free within 11 days and off all meds after 3 months. He has been on some form of the diet for the last 6 years with the exception the last year and a half due to puberty, he has been seizure free. We are proud of the accomplishment of helping to save our son from the horrible side effects of epilepsy. He has cerebral palsy, epilepsy, non ambulatory, non verbal. He has made great progress in school and physical gains also.He is the healthiest he has ever been!

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