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Caramel Sauce

KETO DIET PLANS: Classic Keto, Modified Keto, Modified Atkins, Low Glycemic Index, and MCT Oil


24g 40% heavy cream
24g unsalted butter
5g Truvia (optional)
pinch of salt


1Melt the butter in a pan over medium low heat and let it cook until it is a light brown color. It is important to cook the butter long enough to develop a golden brown color. This is where the caramel gets it's flavor!
2 Add the cream, Truvia, and salt to the butter and continue to whisk until it begins to feel sticky and the sauce has thickened. This will take a few minutes depending on how large of a batch you are making. You will know when it is finished because it will look and feel like caramel sauce. Keep cooking until you reach this point.
3Remove the pan from the heat and continue to stir until it has cooled slightly.
4Allow it to cool to room temperature for serving. If refrigerated, the sauce will harden.
5You can make any size batch sauce as long as it is equal parts butter and heavy cream. Use UNSALTED butter. This can be used as a topping for ketogenic ice cream made from heavy cream or let it harden in candy molds to be used as a fat source.