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Chet’s Story

In 1945, at age four, I was put on the ketogenic diet for absence epilepsy by Dr. Samuel Livingston at Johns Hopkins Hospital. I remember the office on St. Paul Street and the EEG inside of a cage like room and copper wires glued all over my head. I think I fasted for about a week and was given liver and spinach for my first meal. I remember taking cardboard containers of mayonnaise to school for my lunch and my mom weighing everything on a scale. My favorite meal was a hot dog on a string in a Thermos bottle of tomato soup. After a couple of years the diet was stopped and I never had another seizure. I graduated from the U.S. Naval Academy and had a twenty year career as a Naval Officer, followed by several years as a realtor. Today I love to go to Navy home football games and am a “carbohydrate junkie.” I’ve had no growth problems, cholesterol problems, stroke, heart attack or atherosclerosis trouble. I would encourage any mother to go for it as far as the ketogenic diet is concerned.

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