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Haley’s Story

Haley is a beautiful little 2 1/2 year old girl with a horrible disease called Infantile Spasms. Haley started seizing at 6 weeks old and was diagnosed at 3 months with Infantile Spasms. She was started on a steroid called ACTH and then 1 month later was taken off of it due to a heart murmur. We then tried 8 other medications that one after another failed to help our little angel, some even caused her to regress significantly in her development. In March of 2009 Haley was diagnosed with a CDKL5 mutation and we were told that the prognosis was not good. Haley started the Keto diet on 6/23/09 and within 48 hours we met her for the first time. We are still fine tuning the diet and Haley is not seizure free but her seizures have decreased by 75% and her development is soaring. Haley is still at the developmental level of a 1 year old but we see gains on a daily basis. The diet has been an answer to our prayers I only wish we had started it earlier.

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