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Keto Ice Cream


Easy Keto Friendly Ice Cream

Heavy whipping cream is the main ingredient in premium ice cream. Ketogenic ice cream can be made from a simple recipe of heavy cream plus fruit, nuts or cocoa powder. Shown here are blueberry and strawberry ice cream. These were prepared by mixing crushed fruit into whipped cream then freezing for 15 minutes. The chocolate version is heavy cream plus unsweetened (powdered) cocoa. Ice cream can be planned as a snack or as part of or an entire meal. Egg white powder can be incorporated to increase the protein required in a meal. Adding a high-fat yogurt in about the same amount as the cream will result in a custard-like icecream (and more protein). Oils can be stirred into ice cream mixtures to increase the ratio. MCT oil is lighter in taste than vegetable oils and mixes in beautifully. An ice cream maker is helpful for making a great texture but you can also freeze your mixture just before the meal is prepared for best consistency (freezing longer crystalize it). Thanks to Leslie Moccia (Zachary’s mom)for contributing to this recipe.


Heavy whipping cream (36 or 40%)
Fruit such as fresh or frozen unsweetened bluberries or strawberries
Optional ingredients: unsweetened cocoa, macadamia nuts, extracts or sugar-free flavorings i.e. DaVincii Gourmet, allowed sweeteners, Fage Total Yogurt, egg white powder


1Whip enough heavy cream to make several servings.
2Weigh the whipped cream.
3Stir desired ingredients into whipped cream. Divide into individual servings then freeze for 15 minutes. If frozen longer, thaw for10-15 minutes before eating.