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Keaton’s Story

Our 4 year old son Keaton has had epilepsy since he was born. He had a very traumatic birth, which also resulted in his Cerebral Palsy. Keaton tried countless medications, none of which adequately controlled his seizures. He always had Grand Mal seizures that would progress to Status Epilepticus every time. Keaton was constantly wiped out from the seizures or the emergency diastat we had to give him to stop them. After several years of trying different combinations of drugs without success, we found a new pediatric neurologist. Dr. Saleem Malik at Cook Children’s Center suggested we try Keaton on the diet. Keaton has been on the diet for 3 months now, and it is working great for him. Prior to the diet, Keaton was having seizures nearly every other day. Now, Keaton is practically seizure-free. He has only had a few break through seizures that were easily controlled without his Diastat. Keaton still takes seizure medicines, but Dr. Malik has mentioned tapering him off some of them in the near future. Keaton is much brighter, happier, and healthier since starting the Ketogenic Diet. We are grateful to the Charlie Foundation for helping to spread the work about the Ketogenic Diet, and we are happy to be one of the success stories.

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