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Max’s Story

Today, Max is an active, friendly fun-loving four-year-old boy. He loves to be outdoors playing with trucks, climbing at the park, riding his bike, swimming and socializing with his friends. He also enjoys joking with people, telling stories and singing. These are all things that he is able to do thanks to the Ketogenic Diet. Max had his first seizure at the age of two and a half. He was put on medication two weeks later when he started having multiple seizure types that were uncontrollable. In the first three-months three medications were attempted for treatment, but they were not controlling all of Max’s seizures. This is when our world would change forever because of the Ketogenic Diet. We saw immediate improvement with seizure-control, on day two of the diet. The process from there was up and down. When Max was three, seizures started taking over his life and he had lost his ability to speak, walk and even chew his food very well. He was in the process of weaning anti-seizure medication at the time, while still on the Ketogenic Diet. The further we were from the medication the seizures would decrease and Max’s skills would improve. The day he took his final dose of medication, Max started to say a few words again. It was a slow process, but he learned to put words together to form sentences. His motor skills started to improve as well. Today, at four-and-a-half, his sentences are often in the form of a song. It is so wonderful to hear his voice. his motor skills are back as well. The best advice we can give anyone considering the diet for their child is to never give-up hope. Never give-up the chance to win. We tell Max everyday that “we will win” this battle with Epilepsy. You may not see the results you hope for right away, but have patience and tweak things with food, ratios, recipes as much as you can. It is worth it because this diet really does heal. Miracles really do happen. It happened to our precious boy. We have our beautiful boy back! He has been medicine-free and seizure-free for over ten-months. His seizures are being controlled by diet alone. THe most important thing is that he gives us hugs and lots of smiles everyday! Keep the Faith!

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