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Nevin’s Story

I truly believe The Ketogenic Diet not only saved my daughter’s cognitive abilities, but also saved her life. Nevin’s first seizure was at 10 months of age. She was well-controlled on one medication until her seizure pattern changed at the age of four. She was having 500 or more seizures per day, most of them sub clinical and very unobvious. After failing a total five drugs, dealing with the horrid side effects of multiple medications, two experiences with status epilepticus and the unwelcome addition of four new seizure types in a matter of months, we insisted the next step for treating her epilepsy would be the Ketogenic diet.

On day two of the Diet, I met my daughter for the first time in nearly 10 months. Even though Nevin was still having frequent seizures, she was so affectionate, animated and full of chatter. The diet was challenging the first two weeks as we learned the protocol, but it was so much easier than portrayed to us by medical professionals.

It was much easier to prepare special meals than to watch my daughter suffer from the adverse side effects of medication cocktails or watch the seizures rob her and our family of a ‘normal’ life. Nevin loves her ‘magic’ diet. She quickly became self-directed and even helps prepare the meals. Nevin became seizure-free six months into the diet. She has been on the diet for 16 months and successfully weaned two of her three epilepsy medications. The last medication wean will start in April 2009. Nevin is developmentally age appropriate, attends public Kindergarten, enjoys listening to music, dancing and even advocates for epilepsy in our community.

UPDATE 11/2017

This past September marked 5 years since Nevin was weaned from the Ketogenic Diet that erased her epilepsy.

Nevin is a freshman in high school, plays on the high school golf team and is a member of the choir. She is excited to be driving next year. Her health has been amazing and she is 8 years seizure free. We are eternally grateful for the gift of the Ketogenic Diet.

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