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Noah’s Story

Noah Holt is a vibrant happy 10 year old kid.  He loves life and enjoys making his family and friends laugh. Noah thrives in school and spends time outside of school in Karate lessons, taking an active part in his Cub Scout Webelos Den, playing the piano and playing Four-Square and Flag Football with friends. None of this would have been part of Noah’s life if we hadn’t found the Ketogenic Diet in 2007.

Our family’s journey with epilepsy began in 2003 when Noah had his first seizure at six months old. Noah was diagnosed with GEFS+, a sodium channel epilepsy. Many seizures, medications, negative side effects and years later, we began the Ketogenic Diet at Children’s Hospital Oakland.  Like any Keto Kid, transitioning over the first four months was difficult; New foods, restricted portion sizes, urine tests, butter, oil, etc.  Letting go of the foods, snacks and freedom to eat whenever he wanted, was very hard for Noah as well.  But, it wasn’t impossible! Noah has never cheated on the Diet. He understands that we all eat specific foods because we are all working towards specific outcomes. His older brothers are athletes and eat according to their nutritional needs that support their mind, bodies and activities. Our family is proud of Noah and his determination to stay seizure free. While we have no idea what the future holds for him, we are grateful for the many years of 99% seizure control and hoping for a good tomorrow.

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