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Nolan’s Story

Nolan started having seizures when he was 2 1/2 years old. They came on like a rage of fire!! He was having them everyday if not multiple in one morning. His mainly were in the morning hours before waking. He did have one or so while awake. Nolan tried 7 different medications and failed them all. We spent almost every morning with the EMS drivers or actually in the emergency room with Nolan. He had several hospital stays. All test and genetic information have came up negative in why he is having these seizures. His were life threatening, he would turn blue, and they would last up to 17 minutes. Another family on the diet coached me through a day in the life of “keto” and I thought hey I think we could manage this!! We waited until his third birthday so he could enjoy his cake and day!! On October 6th 2014 we started our keto journey at St. Louis Children’s hospital. Nolan loved the food and took off going strong on the diet. He immediately went seizure free. Then, three months later went medication free which he was on three different medications. It does have its ups and down days but overall Nolan is doing well. He has been seizure free for 259 days!!!!!!!! He is holding strong on a 2.75 ratio. Please email me if you want to chat or have any questions. I would love to help. Tips: keep it simple, keep the supplies in the house, and if he wants hot dog everyday and every meal just go with it!! [Editor’s note: a word of of caution; sometimes children will refuse to eat something that they have too often].

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