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Raffi’s Story

In December of 2004, our 4 year old son Raffi was diagnosed with a brain tumor. Despite three surgeries and several failed chemo protocols, it was clear that the tumor was winning. Raffi’s vision, language and motor skills deteriorated, and a cascade of endocrine problems affected many vital functions. Our little fighter had done everything we asked of him, but he was no match for this opponent. By March of 2007, time was running out. A new direction emerged from research at Boston College. Mouse model studies concluded that a ketogenic diet (KD) had slowed progression of brain tumors by limiting glucose available for tumor growth. There was also evidence of effect from a case study of two pediatric patients. Could this simple yet novel approach succeed where other therapies had failed? With the support of Raffi’s pediatrician and oncologist, he began the KD concurrent with a less aggressive chemotherapy drug. Within 3 months, the tumor had shrunk by 15%! The KD gave Raffi a second chance at life. In every way, he’s healthier and happier now than he’s been at any time since his ordeal began. Chemotherapy was discontinued in December of 2007 and his tumor remains “quiet”. Yeah Raffi!

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