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Sidney’s Story

Our five year old daughter Sidney started having countless head drop seizures every day, when she was almost two years old. After two years of numerous trips to the doctor, trying ten different medications and surgery, the seizures continued. She had to wear a helmet, she was in a wheelchair, she could barely take two steps at the most. We desperately kept on trying to find some way to help her. We prayed and prayed. One day I felt the urge to watch this movie called First do no harm, after watching that movie I couldn’t believe how our lives were so much like theirs, I felt like we were watching our own lives. My husband could not believe that food could actually have anything to do with helping seizures. We had so many different people at different churches praying for her. We went to a hospital out of town to try to get her started on the diet, when we arrived the doctor wanted to do brain surgery. She had just been through a surgery that did not help her. They refused to start her on the diet and sent us home, the doctor told us the diet would not work. Sidney was a victim of the shaken baby syndrome, caused by her birth mother. The doctor said it was a miracle she survived. Sidney has now been on the ketogenic diet for 1 year and 7 months. She is totally seizure-free and off of all her medications. She is now walking and pushing her wheelchair. God sent us the right people into our lives. My dear friend Leslie has been such an inspiration and has helped me so much with this difficult but miraculous diet, and so has her dietitian. My husband and I believe through fasting and prayer and faith is what helps.

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