Keto Stories - Skylar’s story

Twelve years ago my daughter Skylar was diagnosed with Lennox-gastaut syndrome. The ketogenic diet was not a treatment option offered to me but I found it on my own. Skylar was on the diet for five years. Althouth the diet is very tough, its a WALK IN THE PARK compared to hundreds of seizures daily which she had. Skylar has been nearly seizure-free since starting the diet. After several years of physicaland occupational therapy and special education, she still lives with the effects of the uncontrolled seizures. The diet gave her the opportunity to be a little girl again and for that I will always be grateful. I want to thank Jim and Nancy Abrahams for telling Charlie’s Story and bringing the diet to me….Before the diet, I was told to take her home and enjoy the little time I still had left with her. As a mother that was something I could not accept. I want to thank all the wonderful teachers and therapists who have been amazing! This is a recent picture of Skylar at her Art Reception. She is an amazing artist! Thank you Charlie Foundation!!



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