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Anella’s Story

Life is truly better with BUTTER. We are a success story, so if you have a baby or toddler start NOW on the ketogenic diet because you have nothing to loose and it is easier than trying it as an option later. Why does age make a difference? They can’t talk back, haven’t developed taste preferences yet – just use the keto-cal formula and introduce ketogenic meals as their first foods and your young child won’t know any better. If you have a child with a g-tube – even more of an easy decision. Start now!

Here is our story.

At the age of seven months, we discovered that our daughter, Anella, was having myoclonic and atonic seizures. After failing five seizure medications, she was put on the Ketogenic diet in May 2010 at Mayo Clinic when we were referred there for a additional medical insight as to her diagnosis. After only two days on the diet (and off most of the medications), Anella rolled over for the first time at 13 months old. She immediately showed signs of a personality – sounds and small movements of legs/arms whereas she was typically quite limp and quiet until this point. After about a month or so on the ketogenic diet, Anella stopped having seizures. Recalling the days of 25+ seizures a day almost seems as if it never happened. Immediately, We saw physical development progress albeit slow, but very encouraging – rolling over, moving her arms/hands to mid-line, laughing, making raspberry sounds, kicking her legs to bounce in her bouncy seat, pushing up with her arms while on her tummy and sitting up on her own. It’s as if the medications were sedating her, but on the ketogenic diet she was able to come alive.

Today, nearly three years later, Anella is still essentially seizure free, so the ketogenic diet is our miracle. I will admit that there are sacrifices you have to make such as living your life in 2-hour increments because you constantly have to feed your child, must prep and pack all meals (highly suggest doing this bi-weekly and freezing), and constantly have to educate others about the importance of the strict rules. It takes time and patience, but in the end, I’m here to say it was all worth it! Seizures are just one of the pieces of our daughter’s complex puzzle, but at least we’ve conquered one thing. 🙂 Anella has global developmental delay, cortical visual impairment, a g-tube, is non-verbal, and non-ambulatory.

Currently, we are in the weaning process so cross your fingers this goes well. So far, all signs point to good. We are at a 1:25:1 ratio with no return seizures.

Best of luck to all the parents researching and reading this. I only hope you have physicians who do more than “prescribe” so that you don’t have to fight for this. We highly recommend the Mayo Clinic in Rochester, MN. Their ketogenic team is amazing!

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