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Recipe eBook: Dips, Dressings & Decadence!

We’ve just created a new Recipe eBook: Dips, Dressings & Decadence!  Use these creations to add flavor and fat to your favorite foods.


Behind the scenes at the Charlie Foundation are frequent discussions about recipes.

 Keto recipes receive more traffic on our website than any other topic. Good recipes are essential to any ketogenic diet therapy – taste should not be compromised. Fortunately, fat, the main macro in ketogenic diets, supplies us with a unique taste and mouthfeel over its partners, protein and carbohydrate. We’ve harnessed this notion by designing a variety of recipes that highlight bold tastes and textures in high-fat meal accompaniments. Venture into a combination of foods that you’ve never tried before. If your taste buds are asking for a tangy kick try Tzatziki sauce over cooked meat or poultry. Drizzle our Dijon Mustard Dressing over scrambled eggs. If you love the combination of umami (savory) and tart, pour our Lime Cream sauce over meat or poultry with chopped lettuce. Looking for a new creamy comfort food? Eat one of our  hummus recipes with a spoon or spread over celery or Almond Crackers, an old recipe of ours. So go on and explore! There are no rules when it comes to combining these dips and dressings with other food to make tasty keto meals. Afterward, enjoy some decadence! My all-time favorite are the chocolates. Make a big batch of these then hide them in the freezer in an old container that no one will pay attention to!Note: for our KetoDietCalculator users, you’ll find these recipes listed as food items in the Fat category and a soon to be released Ketodietcalculator™ eCookbook.

Enjoy and come back for more!





Beth Zupec-Kania and the creative team:

Jim Abrahams – Supervisor and provider of comic relief

Derek Chase – Creative Design

Dawn Marie Martenz – Recipe consultant

Megan Harmon – Apprentice sous chef

Shaughn and John – Photography and Creative Services



Beth Zupec-Kania

A Registered Dietitian Nutritionist who has managed ketogenic diet therapies since 1991. Designer of KetoDietCalculator, online program for creating ketogenic diets, and prolific author. Beth has trained over 300 medical centers globally on implementing keto diets and has recently published a keto pocket guide for professionals.

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Just downloaded the dips, dressing and desserts recipe book. All I can say is YUMMMMM!!

Thank you for your great work here!

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