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Thanksgiving eRecipe Book

This Thanksgiving the Charlie Foundation is especially thankful for having friends like the Pierre-Louis family, who graciously prepared the dishes for this Thanksgiving eRecipe Book.  Nehe, their seven year old son and the eldest of three, was cured of his epilepsy by the Ketogenic Diet. In 2015 Nehe was having up to 100 seizures per day.  Like many children, he was put on medication after medication, combination after combination, but nothing was working and the seizures continued.   This took its toll on Nehe’s physical and mental wellbeing, and the family feared that their son’s vibrant personality would never return.  In June 2015, Nehe seized uncontrollably for days in a state of status epilepticus.  On day six, Nehe started the Ketogenic diet.  After four days on the diet, Nehe was well enough to return home.  He has been drug and seizure free since December 31, 2015.  Download our Thanksgiving eRecipe Book now and learn how to create delicious and nutritious Thanksgiving recipes the whole family will love.

Download our Thanksgiving eRecipe Book


Dawn Martenz

A self-taught keto chef and mom to Charlotte who has been on variations of ketogenic diet therapy for over 10 years for Davet's Syndrome. She's authored 2 ketogenic cookbooks and features new recipes monthly on

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