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Furze Twins

“On December 8th 2017 my twin baby boys were diagnosed with Glucose Transporter Type 1 Deficiency Syndrome. I was told there is no cure, but amazing success treatment with the ketogenic diet. I did all my research and learned everything I could about the ketogenic diet and Glut1DS. I had nothing to lose so I dove right in. I instantly saw that their brain was finally getting the right fuel to thrive. They have not had a single seizure since they started this new way of life. I love watching them learn and do things that I never thought they would do until later on in their lives. It is just the most heart warming feeling.
We started the diet January 1st of this year and haven’t looked back! We have never felt better in our lives and we are thankful for this new way of eating/life. I wanted my boys to grow up knowing that their parents will always be by their side through this journey no matter what. I didn’t want my boys living a life of all these restrictions outside and then having to deal with the same issues in their own home. It is so important to me to make sure that they feel comfortable and happy at home, to be able to open the cupboards and not have to see all these chips and cookies with cartoon characters and bright colours to make them feel bad. We really don’t need that stuff, it’s just an addiction that’s really hard to quit. But if I can do it, any parents with children who rely on the ketogenic diet can do it. My husband and I decided to go on the ketogenic diet too as we wanted our boys to know that we are with them and support them through this journey. I’ve lost 60lbs in 6 months and my husband lost 40lbs! We have never felt better in our lives!”
The Furze twins are currently eating a lot of salmon which they love and is easy to find in Canada! Ketogenic recipes for younger children learning to eat can be easily prepared. Often, a cooked protein, like salmon, plus a vegetable are pureed with butter and olive oil. Jarred baby foods are used when there isn’t time to cook. Please consult a ketogenic nutritionist before attempting diet therapies! We have a list of hospital based providers as well as private consultants who know how to modify the diet for infants and toddlers.


Dawn Martenz

A self-taught keto chef and mom to Charlotte who has been on variations of ketogenic diet therapy for over 10 years for Davet's Syndrome. She's authored 2 ketogenic cookbooks and features new recipes monthly on

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