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Helpful Tips: Heavy Cream

Written By: Beth Zupec-Kania & Dawn Martenz

Heavy whipping cream is often a food staple in medically prescribed ketogenic diets. During this time when grocery stores are unable to restock fast enough, cream may be temporarily out of stock. The following will help you to strategize this predicament.

Talk To Store Managers

Talk directly to the dairy manager at your grocery store(s) to explain that you or your loved one is on a medically prescribed diet that requires cream. It may be helpful to show a letter from your neurologist describing the importance of cream. A substitution for a higher or lower fat cream can be made, adjust for the difference in recipes. Check local dairy farms in your area, many farms distribute their products to nearby cities and offer home delivery. Arrange reoccurring orders if possible.

How To Freeze Cream

Freeze heavy whipping cream only after it is whipped. First whip, then weigh or measure out single portions and freeze in a small container. If you don’t have enough containers, freeze several portions on waxed paper then place into a larger container after freezing to a stiff stage. Use within 1 month of freezing. Always check the expiration date on the carton before purchasing and use up cream in recipes before it expires. If the expiration date is close to the current date, this is a good reason to freeze it. After freezing, use this cream within 1 month. 

This recipe for Whipped Cream Ice Cream is similar in consistency to “yogurt melts” and may appeal especially well to children.

Prepare food with cream that you can freeze such as smoothies (for meals or snacks) which may be frozen in popsicles molds or an ice cube tray. This is a great way to use a lot of cream at once. Ketogenic Caramel is another easy recipe that contains cream and can be frozen after it is made.

Use An Alternative

Incorporate lower-fat dairy products with pure fat such as MCT or nut oils. Whisk the oil into these dairy products to emulsify. Don’t buy the low-fat versions of these and be aware that brands will differ in fat content even if they have similar names.

  • Crème fraiche 
  • Sour cream 
  • Whole milk yogurt 

Buy shelf stable cream options as a back-up plan. 

  • Shelf Stable Whipping Cream – Trader Joes. This cream is lower in fat than most whipping creams, 30% versus 36-42%.
  • Heavy Cream Powder – Anthony’s Goods. Its currently out of stock, but keep an eye on their website for updates.

Plan Cream-Free Recipes

  • Keto smoothies with avocado and coconut or MCT oil.
  • Individual quiches; combining eggs, butter and olive oil plus vegetables.
  • Tuna, chicken, turkey or egg salad with mayonnaise and olive oil.

Add a fat bomb to a meal to boost fat calories, here are a few of our favorite recipes:


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